With eighty million native speakers, French stands next only to English as the language of choice among those wanting to learn it. Spoken in countries across the world, from Europe to Africa and other colonies spread across the Indian Ocean, it is the language of successful people from high fashion, cosmetic, tourism to the apparel industry. Since 1991, with the first wave of globalization, it has entered the world of Information Technology, Banking, Commerce and accounting with French companies opening their offices all over Asian region and India. This has opened floodgates of opportunity for young India, the Indo French Cultural Society, Jaipur has been in the forefront by training young students to get the quality education in French. Till date it has trained successfully more than ten thousand students and helped them get jobs in all major cities of India and in foreign countries which bagged us the title of thumping french language institute in Jaipur.

Our main aim is to empower as many young Indians as possible in getting soft skills of quality in foreign languages to serve our country and help build our great country achieve greater heights on the global stage.

With our consistent efforts towards fostering people to take up this language, we have earned the title of being the best French language institute in Jaipur. Apart from teaching French in the classes, we conduct different cultural events just to make our students aware of the art and life of French-speaking countries. We also give our students a chance to interact with french nationals in order to improve their fluency. The faculties here are helpful and counsel every student regarding the importance of learning French. Moreover, the teachers here gives videos consisting the accent to pronounce every single alphabet. This help students enunciate better and clearer every letter put together. We strive to make learning interesting and fun oriented through every means possible and our aim lies in producing quality students from our institute.