The Centre for English & Foreign Languages (CEFL), under the Indo- French Cultural Society(IFCS), has been in the business of teaching foreign language courses in Jaipur for more than twenty years. The Centre runs various programs for upgrading the skills of school students. We conduct special batches for the school students, covering language curriculum of CBSE/IB boards. We also conduct French Olympiad classes at the centre. Our objective is to improve their understanding of foreign languages. Apart from solving their school-related difficulties in these languages, our emphasis remains on teaching spoken language with proper pronunciation ,in a joyful manner through several activities like phonetics, story, role play, films, cartoons, songs, rhymes etc.A communicative approach: The objective is to provide children with a set of oral and writing skills, linked with their age and their interests, allowing them to communicate through activities where the language is put in action.

Our faculties conduct special classes on French, Spanish and German in different schools affiliated to CBSE/IB. We believe that school is the best place where students learn with sincerity and dedication. So, our faculties start teaching from the scratch and make the students fluent in foreign languages within a couple of years. Moreover, we conduct various seminars and events stating the importance of foreign languages in different sectors. The cultural and historical aspects associated with the language is taught along with grammar. Opting for different foreign language courses in Jaipur increases the chances of getting ahead of their counterparts exponentially.

We encourage the school students to communicate in their respective foreign languages. For that, we arrange audio and video sessions which allow the students to understand the language more clearly. If a student comes up with any idea that can make learning better than we implement it immediately. We keep no stone unturned in developing the mental aptitude of every student who seek our help. There are different foreign language courses in Jaipur offered by our institute to students who are looking for extra classes.