Our Foreign Language Courses in Jaipur

Cefl-Ifcs offers the premium Foreign language courses in Jaipur that mainly consist of Spanish, French and German language. All the three languages are spoken worldwide and are rapidly gaining pace in becoming the business language of the world. Choosing any one of them will not only add another feather in your cap but also will open up a new world for you to interact with. You will be able to communicate with foreign nationals who doesn’t speak English. Furthermore, you can think of starting a venture in different countries of the world if you master any of the aforementioned languages.


French Courses

This language is spoken not only in France but also in different countries of the world such as Canada, Switzerland, Mozambique and many more. French language has been the favorite language to learn amongst youth. This country has given prominent artist, painters, scholars to the world and curture attained its highest peak during french reign. There are many scholarship provided by by french embassy to student who want to study the culture of french.


Spanish Courses

Hola a todos – This language is spoken by the people of almost 20 countries making it one of the most spoken languages of the world. Spanish is considered to be the language of the Almighty as it is derived from Latin. This language originated from España( Spain) and migrated to southamerica and latinamerica thus becaming the official language of this continent. This language is easy to learn as most of the spanish words are analogous to English.


German Courses

If you are keenly interested in learning about machines and motors then learning German language would be a boon for you as worlds largest automobile companies have their headquarters in Germany some of them such as Audi, BMW, Volkswagen are world famous. There are great prospects of learning German language in India as these companies are expanding their business in our country.


Courses for School Students

Cefl- ifcs has taken an initiative to teach foreign language at grassroots level starting with school children. Our society believes that imparting knowledge at childhood level make children choose right career in their life and help them ascend in their life. With this motto our faculties are giving free lectures and counselling to NGO children and helping them to realize their dream.