Aparajita: An Outreach & Skill Development Programme for Under Privileged Girls 

The aims and objectives of the Indo-French Cultural Society (IFCS)  repeatedly refer to the need for the involvement of the IFCS in supporting the less privileged sections of the community in education and self-employment. However precious little is being done in pursuance of this 0bjective at the moment. When we look at our strengths, we realise that we are located at a prime location and have sufficient physical infrastructure in terms of classrooms etc., and competencies in teaching.  We can exploit these strengths in lending a helping hand to deserving but less privileged members of the society. Accordingly, it is proposed to launch a new scheme by the name of “APARAJITA”. It will be free for the participants.

Salient Features:

  • To begin with, we have identified about 15 college going girl students from economically backward classes. The identification is done in collaboration with a society called Udayan, which is a renowned NGO with a vast experience in dealing with young girls from underprivileged sections of the society.
  • these students are being given 100 hours of instruction/coaching in developing basic computer skills and proficiency in written and spoken English. The assumption is that a graduate degree with enhanced skills in handling computers and English language will make them better suited for the job market.
  • 100 hours of instruction can be completed within four months; therefore it should be possible to organise two such courses every year, to begin with.

We plan to continue this in the long term, touching upon as many girls as possible to build an equitable society for our country.